Wednesday, March 25, 2009

well normal

actually no matter who you are..
be satisfy of whatever you have
don't hope to be someone
everyone's born unique
improve yourself in a way that what it suppose to be naturally improving
just the same old me
don't make people miserable
don't trouble people
settle off your own things
settle off your own problem
live as harmony as can be
when a friend in need.. do whatever you can to help them
not to an extend like giving all your money to the poor and you left nothing.. no
its like helping someone but wont be affecting yourself
don't get into trouble
a good human won't let you get into trouble by helping them

a phrase that is always meaningful to me
rather than giving a fish to the poor everyday better than teaching them how to fish so you can help them forever

life is full of obstacle..
brace it.. don't give up
and definitely you will learn things
life is precious
don't waste it..
learn how to make use of it
life is wonderful if you live on